Monday morning dive


Nature is a funny and sometimes frustrating experience. During the trip I took the week before at Darwin’s Arch we saw hundreds of hammerhead sharks, providing me with two of the best dives of my life. The next week it was if they all went on vacation! Two, three, five, not hundreds of hammerheads. What happened? Where did they go? It’s just how nature works sometimes with no explanation. So we tried another spot just off Darwin’s Island, not known for great diving. You could see the look on everybody’s face of, “I just spent thousands of dollars not to see hammerhead sharks?” Once we got in the water, though, we were greeted by some fun-loving young Galápagos fur seals, darting so fast it was hard to follow them with my camera. Definitely not hammers, but these little fellows had the biggest eyes of any seals I had ever met, almost saying “Hey there Mister, got any fish today?”


From the book Blue Visions