About Richard

RICHARD SALAS is a California native and graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography, where he was mentored by Ernest Brooks II and first introduced to diving and underwater photography. Richard has worked professionally in digital media for over twenty-four years and his unique approach to bringing out the texture and depth of his underwater subjects is informed by years of experience in lighting products and people. He has authored three books of photography, including Sea of Light, Underwater Photography of California’s Channel IslandsBlue Visions, Underwater Photography from the Mexican Border to the Equator and Luminous Sea, Underwater Photography from Washington to Alaska. Richard’s mission is to take the viewer through a marine biosphere where humanity’s impact is an undeniable force.  While many new endemic species are discovered every year, others have disappeared from it completely.  The striking power of Richard’s images radiates the light of unique vitality that resides in every organism he encounters. He teaches underwater photography in Alaska, Canada, California and Mexico and is a strong advocate for the sea and it’s inhabitants.

Richard with Steller Sea Lion


Richard Salas on the Billevator