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Please understand that chartering dive boats requires a substantial financial commitment on the part of the charter master.  When an entire charter is reserved, the charter master becomes financially responsible for paying for every space, whether it is used or unused.  When an individual makes a reservation, it is held for that person in good faith.  A reservation can only be confirmed with a deposit check. For all Charters, full payment is required 120 days prior to the departure date. Please make your payments promptly.



If an individual cancels a reservation more than 180 days before the departure date, the payments will be fully refundable.  If the reservation is cancelled 180-120 days before departure, the space will be refundable only if a replacement is found.  Cancellations less than 120 days are non-refundable. If a charter fills, a waiting list will be established.  Please realize that the closer it gets to the trip date, the more difficult it becomes finding a replacement.



Every diver will be provided with a liability form from ASK Photography Inc. prior to the trip.  It is the individual’s responsibility to read it and understand it.  It must be filled out completely and returned to Richard Salas/ASK Photography Inc.



Many charter companies require proof of dive insurance.  For all Dive Charters, Richard Salas/ASK Photography Inc. requires all divers to have dive insurance through DAN, Dive Assure or a similar insurance company.



Trip insurance is optional and not provided as part of the charter fee.  When taking out a policy, please become familiar with what is covered and what isn’t covered.  Some policies will only cover an individual in case of a medical condition.

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Vegetarian, glutenfree, etc. Please remember that these are very remote locations and they might not be able to accommodate every diet. We would suggest packing along some necessary food items to help get you through the trip.
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